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Edupoint Tuition Agency has tutors with programming knowledge that can help a student understand and apply various computer programming languages. A critical mix of theory and practice is the cornerstone for competency in this interesting and relevant field.

Programming Tuition is recommended as support for the school curriculum or merely for self improvement. Coding can start for children as early as 7 or 8 years old. Analysis, Logic & Creativity are all hallmarks of any Programming Language. These skills are valuable to general development of any individual.

Programming Languages

Edupoint provides programming tuition for the following computer languages:

  • JavaScript

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Coding Skills is about to be introduced into Singapore schools as part of the “Smart Nation” initiative. This will expose students to basic programming skills very early in their school years but most probably as elective study. Similarly, the recognition of these skills within the school system point to the importance of programming in future. However it will not be long before coding becomes a core module.

One can forsee Web Design and App Development will be used as widespread practical examples of the revelance of computer skills.  There is no time better to start than now!

App and Website Development

App and Websites are very common today. For instance, you are reading this text on a website. Learning how to develop simple apps and websites provides students with creative opportunities. In addition, the combination of logic and structure helps in Maths and Science.

  • Simple Website design using readily available templates
  • Website Development using HTML
  • App Design and Development for Android & iOS platforms
  • Simple Game Design using simple modules

In conclusion, start early and reap the benefits of Programming Tuition!

Get ahead of the curve and let Edupoint prepare you for the future.