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Edupoint Tuition Agency has a large pool of qualified, capable & dedicated tutors for Primary, Secondary, JC, IP, IB, Poly & University levels. Our tutors are carefully screened and performance monitored so as to ensure that their commitment and teaching competency are above par. Edupoint’s senior management of former fulltime tutors and ex school teachers ensure that the quality of Edupoint tuition is never in question. Being Singapore’s leading tuition services provider, Edupoint offers learning opportunities with specialists from around the world. Our Online Learning Unit and Edupoint International connects students and subject experts not only in Singapore but from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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Edupoint tutors for home tuition services have the academic qualifications and possess the unique skill sets required to transfer knowledge to their students. Our tutors will chart a course to take the student on a path towards academic excellence via home tuition by employing techniques to clarify concepts, reinforce leaning objectives and motivate the learner.

Edupoint Tuition Agency Singapore provides quality home tuition services. Our large pool of capable, qualified and dedicated tutors will provide the required structure for students not only to understand the subject material but also to excel! Edupoint tutors work with their students to uncover their academic needs and design a tailored learning plan to help them succeed.


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