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Edupoint Group Tuition Services is available for Primary, Secondary, JC, IP and IB levels


What is Group Tuition


Group Tuition

Group Tuition offers an affordable alternative to help students get a better understanding of academic content.  Edupoint Tuition Agency Singapore provides capable tutors to handle small groups of students. This approach most of all will enrich the learning experience.



Primary Secondary JC IP IB


Students in a group setting discuss ideas, present alternative viewpoints, engage the tutor and each other. Consequently, the group setting can be a basis for students to create and share knowledge with their peers. The group setting is therefore very conducive for any “creation” that takes place in a community.


Students can request for Group Tuition for

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Junior College (JC)
  • Integrated Programme (IP)
  • International Baacalaureate (IB)
  • Institute for Technical Education (ITE)
  • Polytechnic &
  • University

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Group Tuition is an affordable means of tuition. There are no more than 3 students for a particular subject level. The group members therefore share the tuition cost. The group setting allows for a fertile environment for the exchange of ideas as the students can now learn from each other. The small group setting also allows for each student to have fair access to the tutor’s time and energy.

Edupoint ensures that our group tutors are all well versed in promoting group dynamics which would ultimately result in a successful learning environment. Join Edupoint Group tuition and you will be amazed at the progress possible at a very affordable price. Talk to us and we are confident that we can devise a solution for your learning needs.


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